Last week we heard about the proposal to permanently allow restaurants and bars in Maine to sell beer and alcohol ‘to-go’.

During the pandemic restaurants and bars have been allowed to do just that, and now the proposal has been made in Augusta to allow that to continue.

But wait there’s more.

There is another proposal that will be presented tomorrow.

The public hearing is an act to permit limited delivery of adult-use marijuana.

The committee meeting is at 9 a.m.

From the bill to be discussed tomorrow,

A marijuana store may operate a limited delivery service for the delivery of marijuana plants, adult use marijuana or adult use marijuana products to
any location in the State if the marijuana store:
A. Operates solely as a retailer and is not part of or affiliated with a corporation or other business entity that performs the functions of a cultivator, manufacturer or distributor;
B. Obtains marijuana plants or adult use marijuana solely from tier 1 cultivation facilities.

A marijuana store operating a limited delivery service may deliver to a location in a
municipality regardless of whether the municipality has approved the operation of
marijuana stores.
This bill allows for certain retail marijuana stores to deliver adult use marijuana,
regardless of delivery location or local approval of retail marijuana stores.

Looks like if things progress through the legal channels that you’ll be able to have marijuana delivered, along with beer and alcohol.

Soon more people will never leave their house. Wouldn't it be cool if the delivery guy looked like Willie Nelson?

Stay tuned, and remember the only constant is change.

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