It was a treacherous day on Maine's roads Monday, which Maine State Police say caused multiple crashes.

A combination of snow, followed by a wintry mix and rain, and high winds created an icy, slushy mess on the roads around the state. Law enforcement officials, as well as tow truck drivers, spent the day helping stranded motorists and pulling vehicles back onto the pavement. So far, there have been no reports of any fatalities or serious injuries.

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On I-95, truck drivers found the driving conditions especially challenging. Personally, I can't imagine trying to keep one of these huge vehicles on the road when it's as icy as it was yesterday. I stress enough driving my little SUV.

In Carmel, near mile marker 169, one truck driver lost the battle to keep the wheels on the pavement. A post on the Maine State Police Facebook page, at around 7 PM Monday, showed a jackknifed 18-wheeler, with the cab in the median and the wheels still on the roadway. Traffic was reduced to one lane and drivers were urged to slow down and use caution.

A couple of hours later, Maine State Police shared this photo of a bucket truck, that was completely off the roadway. Officials say it appeared the driver of the tree-service truck was driving too fast for the road conditions. The New York driver crashed his vehicle on Main Street in Readfield just after 3:30 PM Monday, striking a utility pole. Main Street was shut down for an extended period of time while CMP repaired the pole and lines.

Drivers are advised to use caution Tuesday morning, as many roads remain icy.

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