How soon people forget.

It's only gotten worse recently. Since the ban on using a hand held device here in Maine went into effect back in September of 2019, more and more folks behind the wheel have taken the liberty of talking on their cell while driving

You seen them hanging off the phone while coming at you in the opposite lane, and this author's favorite, talking a mile a minute with a phone to their ear while crossing the road in front of you when their traffic light turns green.

The dangers are still there, as Chief Chris Greeley of the Holden Police Department reminded us when he recently talked to NewsCenter and brought up an accident in that town a few years ago in which a driver using a cell veered into the oncoming lane and collided with a tractor-trailer, only to perish in the crash.

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Cops in Holden have recently been monitoring the busy Route 1A corridor that runs through their town, looking for those drivers with one hand on the wheel and another on a cell phone.

“There was a period of time we weren’t writing any tickets and now we’re writing a ton of tickets," Chief Chris Greeley told Newscenter.

If you're caught talking and holding onto a cell phone while cruising down a highway like Route 1A in a two-ton vehicle of metal and steel it's going to cost you $85 for the first offense, and the 2nd time could cost $325, courtesy of Maine's Distracted Driving laws and cops like those doing their job in Holden.

So please do us all a favor, and leave the cell in the console.

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