From the cover photo, any guess as to what this construction is going to become?

First, the location is on 1A in Holden. Or as they call it in Holden, Main Road.

Got the answer? Or course it is only a foundation of concrete, and it could be almost anything, right?

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

The location is almost directly across 1A from Granville Stone and Hearth. If you haven’t seen the sign, it’ll be a car wash.  1A Wash.

Josh from Doten's Construction reached out with information about the layout, so we don't have to guess,

The Car Wash on 1A will actually have 2 automatic bays. 1 touch free, and the other soft touch, on the other side it will have 2 self-serve bays, and a dog wash between the two with the entrance for that facing 1A.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

There has been a lot of new business construction along that stretch of 1A with more to come. Companies have recently opened along Main Road Holden, and there are other buildings in various stages of construction, some nearing completion.

Always interesting to see new businesses open in such a well-traveled area, and soon you’ll be able to drive around looking at the new business, in a clean car.

No word on the opening of 1A Wash, but we’ll keep watching and let you know.

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