New Biz Alert!! A little extra summer fun is coming your way, with some cold drinks for those hot days!

If you drive up or down Route 1A, no doubt you have come across Jones Lobster Company, at 421 Main Road in Holden. I make a point of stopping by every summer at least once.

Not only do they have a sit-down restaurant featuring a seafood market that offers lobster rolls, bbq items, live lobster, and other delicious treats, but they also have a take-out area with picnic tables to enjoy the outdoors on warm summer days. As if all that wasn’t enough, they are adding something new to the mix for 2023.

When they open their doors for the season, the Bounty Hunter Tavern will be a new addition.

It will be a spot where you can meet up with new and old friends, bring the family for game nights, and they will be featuring live music, with bands that will be scheduled throughout the summertime and beyond.

The Bounty Hunter Tavern will also feature the full menu from Jones Lobster Company, and will have a full bar with some signature drinks.

As of right now, Jones Lobster Company and the Bounty Hunter Tavern are penciled in for a grand opening in the month of May, so stay tuned. As soon as more details come in, we will pass them on to you.

As if the thought of hot summer days and nights isn't exciting enough, having a new tavern to knock back a couple of cold ones sounds pretty good to me.


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