The Floor Lords hit the Penobscot Stage this weekend at the American Folk Festival.  It's a showcase you wouldn't necessarily expect from the Folk Festival but certainly shows the diverse groups that the festival showcases.

The showcase not only featured great break dancing but also fantastic beat boxing.

The video was published by a local blogger Chiefrain Studios on YouTube and The Floor Lords performance starts at 0:26.

Check out this group from Boston that features kids and adults breakdancing, beat boxing and showing off their DJ remixing skills.  The Floor Lords are an organization focused on positivity as stated on their website's mission page:

The Floor Lords organization seeks to use the positive aspect of hip hop dance to reach and empower the young people worldwide. Throughout the years, since 1981, the Floorlords have been awarded and recognized as pillars of the Boston community.
Floorlords crew is focused on positive impact of dance, specifically helping inner city and local youth to understand how to “direct their energy” and “foster creativity” towards positive end points, using hip hop elements as a vessel within a positive, nurturing, and comfortable environment. Through performance, competition and teaching, the Floorlords, and Floorlords/Flava Squad extended family, continues it’s mission both locally and globally.

You still have a chance to check out this group today at the American Folk Festival at the Dance Pavilion at 12:30 PM and the Penobscot Stage at 4:45 PM.

Suggested donations are $20 and the day is still young to check out all kinds of acts including Maine traditional fiddle, honky tonk, Zimbabwe vocal harmonies, and New Orleans Jazz.  For a full list of today's events check out the American Folk Festival website's schedule page.

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