Now, I'm not specifically saying I want to slap any of my coworkers. And even if I did, this is probably not the medium to express such annoyance. It seems like that's something best suited to the HR department for "constructive counseling". But just the same, it is National Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day.

As I sit here though, I've been thinking that I really don't have a coworker I'd like to slap. I work with a fantastic bunch of people. There's no one here that's super annoying, or pushy, or whatnot. So that can really only mean one thing....

I'm probably the one everybody wants to slap. 

I can't say I'd be totally surprised, but as the realization that I am quite possibly the most despised person in the office sets in, it suddenly makes me want to start slapping all of them instead. But that doesn't sound like a good plan either. Ugh, all this thinking is making me tired, and I may need a nap after all this.

But, have you done it? Have you ever sat at your desk, or on the line in a kitchen, or wherever, and just indulged in fantasizing about how great it would be to just reel back, and let one fly at that one coworker that haunts even your dreams? Or thought about how much of a weight off your shoulders it would be to get rid of that stress?

This day only comes once a year, and unfortunately we don't live in one of those Hunger Games type worlds, or The Purge. So even though the day exists, you'll still end up getting arrested. And likely fired. So you might want to consider a few of those things before taking any real action.

Just the same though, sit right there and dream all you want about slapping Johnny Talkstoomuch or Karen Gossipface. Currently, our dreams are still free. So enjoy that little slice of violent heaven today.

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