Have you been getting telemarketing calls that look like they're coming from Bangor? You're not alone.

Here's what's happening: It's called "neighbor spoofing."

A number very similar to yours comes up in your caller ID. It looks like a local number. Often, the area code and prefix is identical to yours, explains NPR.

That being the case, you might decide pick it up. It's not anyone you know (unless you happen to know Nancy from blah, blah resorts.)

It's an automated call, but it says it's coming from Bangor. It's a more precise form of "spoofing."

"Spoofing" is the practice of disguising your identity by manipulating how your identity appears on caller ID, according to the FCC. It's illegal in many cases, but not all.

It is illegal, according to the FCC, if the caller's intent is to "defraud, cause harm, or wrongly obtain anything of value."  Therefore, it follows that it is not illegal if no harm is intended or caused.

The FCC says if you suspect caller ID information has been falsified, you may file a complaint.

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