You wouldn't think leaving a bottle of water in your vehicle could cause a big problem, but, apparently it can.

It's been so hot lately and the best thing you can do is keep yourself hydrated.  Even better, with water.

So, for many of us keeping a water bottle in the car is sort of a thing we do from time to time but it could be bad for your car and you, too, if you're in it.

We've heard about leaving a plastic bottle in the car in hot temperatures can cause the plastic to leach into your drink.  Oh, didn't know that?  Well, now you do.

Well, I guess there is even a possibility that your plastic bottle of water can even ccause a fire if left in your vehicle.

How?  Think of the water as a magnifying glass.  Then, imagine that a beam of direct sunlight is shining on your water bottle, which we are calling a magnifying glass.  The refraction of the light if hit at the right angle and focused on a bit of your car seat could cause a hot beam of concentrated light that could catch fire.

Yep, that's right, that's how fires start.

A video warning was put out from Idaho Power about one guys real life incident in which a water bottle left in his vehicle lead to a few burnt spots on his truck seat that could have created a scary situation.

A local fire department tested the conditions just to see if it would actually catch on fire which led to a news report where the Midwest Fire Department started warning viewers of the hazard.

There you have it.  Stay cool this summer and hydrated- just don't leave the bottle in your car.

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