The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement announcing the cancellation of The Faith & Blue Food Drive.

"With regret we must announce the cancellation of our Faith & Blue Food Drive events in Brewer and Hermon."

The food drives were scheduled for Brewer on Friday and Hermon on Saturday. Those fill the truck events will not be happening.

Although Holden Police Department planned to hold their own separate event tomorrow, that has now been cancelled also.

Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley issued the following statement

"Due to the ongoing concerns regarding the continuing COVID-19 crisis, the Holden Police Department has decided to CANCEL tomorrow's Faith and Blue event. When the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department and Brewer P.D. decided to cancel the event they/we co-sponsored, we thought we might be able to doing something similar on a much smaller scale, in our own parking lot. Out of respect to the citizens of the community, and with an equal dose of respect for our law enforcement partners, we TOO have decided it would be imprudent to hold our own function. As the Penobscot County Jail continues to contend with significant coronavirus issues, I, as Holden's police chief, felt it would be both disrespectful and potentially unsafe to have our own event, even with fewer people, with staying exclusively outdoors, utilizing 'social distancing,' and/or taking other precautions. For those of you in the media who gave us 'air time,' please forgive me. I felt it better to cancel our event the day before, than to risk the health and safety of potentially dozens of citizens.
Respectfully yours,
Chief Chris Greeley"

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