The forecast is looking to be in the 90s across the State of Maine on Monday. Hitting 90 degrees isn't too unusual but it's definitely not a regular situation before summer officially starts on June 21.

But, here we are with a forecast here in the state of Maine that could see some record-breaking high temperatures across the state. In a Facebook post on Thursday, the National Weather Service's Caribou, Maine office shared what records would be broken if heat reaches the forecasted temperatures.

Caribou has been keeping track of temperatures since 1939 and the hottest year on record for June 7 currently sits at 84 degrees. It is forecasted to hit 91 degrees on Monday for Caribou, which equals a 6-degree difference.

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A little south of Caribou but still way up north, Houlton is looking to see a temperature of 91 degrees on Monday. This would beat the current record for Houlton which is 86 degrees from 1999, at least since 1948 when temperatures started to be recorded for this location.

Close to Moosehead Lake, Millinocket's hottest temperature was set in 1999. Since the recording of temperatures for Millinocket starting in 1903, 1999 saw the hottest June 7 at 89 degrees. If forecasted correctly, Millinocket would see a temperature of 93 degrees.

The most southern part of northern Maine, Bangor, hit a record heat of 90 degrees on June 7, 1936. Temperatures didn't start getting recorded until 1926 in Bangor. If Monday's forecast is true, Bangor would see temperatures of 92 degrees.

Maine's hottest temperature was 105 degrees on July 4 and July 9 of 1911 in North Bridgeton, Maine, according to the State Climate Extremes Committee section of the NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

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