As the temperatures start to drop, a number of outdoor staples from spring and summer start to close up shop for the season.

This weekend will mark the end of the season for The Bangor Drive-In. According to their Facebook Page, the final night of their season is this Saturday, October 30.


Gates open at 6 PM with the first films of the double-features starting at 7:15. On the first screen, they'll be showing "Ron's Gone Wrong" followed by "Addams Family 2", both PG movies.

On the second screen they'll have "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" which is PG-13 and the new horror flick "Halloween Kills" which is rated R.

Across town, at Fielder's Choice in Bangor, this Sunday will mark the last day folks can enjoy outdoor mini-golf.

According to their Facebook Page:

"Our 36-hole mini-golf course at our Bangor location will be closing for the season on Sunday, October 31. The ice cream counter in Bangor will remain open for regular hours."

Via Fielder's Choice Ice Cream Facebook Page: Mike & Sue Jillson
Via Fielder's Choice Ice Cream Facebook Page: Mike & Sue Jillson

Down the way a bit, in Ellsworth at Birdsacre, they may be closing up their Avian Ambassadors’ enclosures, in order to keep the birds warm during winter, but their trails are still open.

Eagle owl with funny facial expression

"The Birdsacre trails are open year-round during daylight hours...come and spend a little time with Nature!"

It's a good rule of thumb, at this point in the year, that if you're not sure if something is still open, you give a call to double-check. The good news is that while some outdoor activities are closing for the season, others are just getting started!

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