It was a chilly day on Sunday and football was on TV, so chances are most people in Maine were inside staying warm. But if you happened to be outside around 4:45pm Sunday afternoon/evening and were looking up, you may have spotted something that looked out of this world. And that's because it was.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's....Space Junk?

Shared on Reddit by Twograin, that bright streak in the sky was something from space. It was either a meteor or space junk that had returned into the Earth's atmosphere. It was a bright and sharp streak over Nova Scotia, leading many residents to alert authorities, unsure of whether they were witnessing some extra-terrestrial event or perhaps a catastrophe in the air.

Was It a Meteor?

Shared on Reddit by jamieofthenorth, if you spotted it over Maine, it was likely a little less bright, but still a sight nonetheless. It remained illuminated in the sky for well over 30 seconds, leaving many people to eliminate the shooting star theory. Meteors are often visible, but not for as long as this particular fireball stuck around. Most of the witnesses in Canada have concluded that the bright streak was some sort of space junk.

But Aliens, Man!

Last time we saw him.

Maine is no stranger to UFO encounters, leading the United States in documented sightings per capita. In the case of this celestial event, E.T. doesn't appear to be showing up for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Speaking of that, there's no confirmation (nor denial) that what witnesses saw was a test flight for Santa Claus from the North Pole.


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