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What do you think is the best alcoholic concoction here in the State of Maine? There could be several answers to this one, but the crew at Babbletop narrowed it down to one.

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Choosing the best in each state seems daunting, but in the end, there choice was one that all Mainers know and love.

We are well known for our love of Allen's Coffee Brandy, as it was been the number one alcoholic beverage of choice. In the last few years, Fireball Cinamon Whiskey has made a serious run at the title, nabbing the honors a few times, but in this particular survey, Allen's came out victorious.

You know doubt no someone who has ordered a "Fat A** In A Glass" on any given night out at a local watering hole.

Here is how Allen's describes their rich Maine history:

A New England treasure and a true Maine tradition, Allen’s initially earned its popularity among fishermen who added a warming splash to their early morning coffee.

Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy now satiates Maine’s coffee hankerings in nearly every corner of the state. In fact, it has become a cultural rite of passage. From Kittery to Fort Kent, Allen’s is a beverage shared between generations of Mainers.

In the opinion of Babbletop, the perfect drink to make with Allen's Coffee Brandy, is "The Sombero"

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