Geaghan's Restaurant on Main Street in Bangor is working on adding more dining space to their restaurant to include more indoor and outdoor dining space.

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On Sunday, the Geaghan's crew shared what's coming up for their restaurant on Facebook. Despite the curveball of the pandemic, the long standing local pub and restaurant. They are planning on working on adding more dining area into their old Brewery space as well as adding more space for their outdoor dining area.

In their Facebook post on Sunday, Geaghan's let us in on the details of what is going to be happening including pictures of the plans and the crew that is working towards adding the space: "We are spreading out our customer seating by removing tables in the Pub and turning the old brewing area at the Pub into more inside dining area. We are also expanding our outdoor seating."

Also included in their Facebook post is a mention to using local businesses to help their local business.  In the pictures you see the variety of local talents that will be used in the process including J.M. Brown Construction, Kiser Engineering & Development Consulting and Hughes Brothers.

During a chaotic time for local businesses, it's encouraging to see an enduring Bangor business continue to thrive and move forward despite challenges the pandemic has brought for small businesses across the State of Maine and nationwide.

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