For the whole month of October, whenever the hashtag #snelovespets is used with a pet photo or pet video, $5 will be donated to organizations across New England that help animals.

This is a campaign being put on by Subaru of New England and they will be the ones paying out the donation money at the end of October to animal shelters across New England.

One of the organizations that will benefit from this campaign is Bangor Humane Society, a shelter whose mission is to maintain humane treatment for our furry friends as well as seek out and transfer care of animals to forever homes, giving a home to those without and help educate the community about animal welfare.

The Bangor Humane Society shared the news on their Facebook page yesterday as well as adding to the announcement with a swag giveaway.

The other Maine shelter that will benefit from this campaign is the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

In all, there are 12 animal organizations throughout New England that will be recipients of donations, including:

The campaign webpage on the Subaru of New England website specifically says to 'post a public photo or video' of your furry companion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with the #snelovespets. It will continue throughout the month of October.

So, dress up the pets for some Halloween fun, and don't forget to add the #snelovespets so those caring for pets without homes can give them a more comfortable life.

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