So that's what that was....

Over the past weekend, people in New Hampshire, and even in parts of our beloved state of Maine, reported hearing what sounded like an explosion, followed by a rattling or shaking. At the time, it caused quite the mystery as there was no reported seismic activity, and no one reporting any massive explosions.

But it turns out, that all that noise and concern, was just the universe doing its thing... hurtling large pieces of rock at our little planet. NASA is getting involved at this point, according to the Union Leader, but pretty much everyone is calling it a meteor. There was indeed a meteor shower over the weekend, and likely this is the culprit.

What else could it have been?

Barring some sort of alien conspiracy/UFO cover-up, it pretty much has to be a meteor. Again, there were no man-made or natural on-the-ground causes for this action. So an earthquake is right out. Especially since there was no seismic activity reported. No explosions. No train wrecks. That pretty much leaves something falling from the sky.

Also, the National Weather Service in Gray, detected a "blip" on their end, right at the time people began reporting the boom, according to the New York Times. Considering there had been meteor showers over the weekend, it lends more to the idea of a  meteor entering our atmosphere and breaking up.

I was awake for one earthquake when I lived in southern Maine. It happened in 2002. If memory serves me, it was somewhere around a 2.0. This is not a major quake, but I'll tell you, it scared the bejesus out of my roommate and me. It jolted both of us out of a dead sleep at 6:00 am. Both are standing in our boxers outside our bedroom doors, terrified.

I suppose it's possible that we could find out it's something else. Maybe the government is blasting out a new fallout bunker in the middle of New Hampshire. Hard to say. It's not like the government would advertise that sort of thing, hahaha. But likely, it's just a big space rock that decided to have its way with us. Kinda boring, but reassuring.

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