How about a little "Me" for lunch? Not as bad as it sounds, trust me!

I’ve been in radio a very long time, since I was 13 years old to be exact, and a few cool things have happened along the way. One of my absolute favorites is having a sandwich named after me.

This all started years ago at a place anyone from Bangor will remember called, Jimmy V’s. Jimmy Vardamis had various businesses across town, but he owned a small lunch spot on 621 Hammond Street. That location has since been a Subway franchise, The Whoopie Pie Café, and currently is fabulous place called Kebab Den. But back in the day when he owned it, he was kind enough to create the “Kid Kelly”, after yours truly.

Over the years, The Z Morning Show has had a breakfast sandwich on the menu, at the fabulous, Tiller & Rye, in Brewer, and during Free The Z 2017, the legendary Dysart's had an entire breakfast menu with my name plastered on it. Pretty cool stuff, however, up next, I'd love to have a Kid & Sarah burger that we can create from scratch, somewhere in this town. Hey, a guy can dream right?

The “Kid Kelly” is a turkey melt with Russian dressing and strips of bacon, and it’s pretty damn tasty. I have no idea how they came up with that combo, but I honored either way. When Jimmy V left his location, Bangor High School and Husson University football legend, Coach Gabby Price, took my sandwich and put it on his menu at his business, The Corner Store, which is just down the street at 575 Hammond. I have come a long way from the time he threw me out of gym class at Bangor High School, for goofing off, which we now enjoy a good chuckle over. And no, I have absolutely no problem walking up to the deli counter and asking for a "me"

All of this is even more cool because it’s the neighborhood where I have lived for many years, so I really feel like the king of the west side of Bangor, which is total BS, considering that Stephen King’s house is just a stones throw away on West Broadway, and yeah, I hear that dude is pretty famous.

So if you are ever in that part of Bangor, stop by and give it a try! Best of all, you can walk in mask free, go right up to Coach Price and say "Coach, gimme a Kid, with fries please!" He will know exactly what you are talking about. Tell him we sent ya!

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