Not only can you book a stay there, it looks good enough to eat!

Once called the "most photographed house in the state" of Maine, the Wedding Cake House, is a historic house located at 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine.

The home was built in 1825 by shipbuilder George W. Bourne, who later built a frame barn which he connected to the main house with a carriage house. In 1852, the barn caught fire and the carriage house was demolished to keep the fire from spreading to the house.

The "Wedding Cake" name was given to the house, because, well, it looks exactly like one. The story goes that Bourne, who was a sea captain, had done the carpentry work to atone for not having taken his bride, Jane, on a honeymoon. Guess he forgot the champagne.

In 1983, the home was purchased from the last descendant of George Bourne, by Mary Burnett and her daughter Anne. The women completely restored the mansion, completing the work in 1984.

Then, in the fall of 2005, the Wedding Cake House was opened to the public for the first time by current owners Jimmy Barker and Kenneth W. Douglas, as a Hurricane Katrina relief fundraiser.

The Wedding Cake House is now in the care of Jimmy’s nephew, Hunt Edwards and niece Lela Cason. Edwards has been working closely with the town of Kennebunk, and the Historic Preservation Commission since 2019, to preserve the exterior of the home, while fixing the structure and foundation.

The "most photographed house in Maine", is now available to rent too! The Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk, is now offering boutique house rentals for the first time ever. You can find out more information here

There a lots of TikTok videos from people who have made the trip:

The Wedding Cake House also has an Instagram page with lots of gorgeous photos

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