April is typically when bear sightings in Maine increase through October. Have you ever seen one?

Bears are one of those animals in Maine you hope to see because it is rare and nature is awesome! But they are also an animal you don't want to stumble upon, up close and personal.

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Male black bears can be up to 600lbs and over 6ft tall and females are generally 100-300lbs and 4-5ft tall. They are most often seen in Northern and Eastern Maine between April and October. While also rare, you are more likely to see a moose in the Maine woods than a bear, even though there are dense black bear populations in some spots of the state.

Most of the time bears are more scared of you and will be gone as soon as they hear you coming. However, startle a bear or get too close to a mama and her babies could get you in some trouble. State biologists suggest keeping food extra sealed while camping and not feeding wildlife in your backyard, including birdseed, to avoid seeing these beasts too close.

The UMaine mascot is a black bear but how many Mainers have actually seen one!? Let us know on the poll below!

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