We are not the least stressed state but we are not the most stressed either!

Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images
Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images

Because April is Stress Awareness Month, Wallethub.com looked at the least and most stressed states in the country. They based their results off things like job security, average hours of sleep, and finances.

Wallet Hub's data shows Maine falling in the middle of the stress scale. Their results show us at #27, just about the middle.

Our stress would be lower if we had more jobs and more therapists per capita. Maine was ranked #2 worst for job security and #4 for fewest therapists per capita. However, Maine was ranked #2 for lowest crime rate, bringing our stress down just a little.

The most stressed state in the country is Alabama and the least stressed was Minnesota. Washington D.C. was included in the stats. See the full results here. 

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