If you haven't you should go soon as they are done for the season August 27th!

If you go to Bar Harbor you have probably gone right by this exciting show's venue numerous times. But have you ever stopped to see one of the most popular shows in Maine?

Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack Show is a seasonal show in Trenton. It is right on the Bar Harbor Rd. So you can't miss it, and you really shouldn't! During the summer shows are done nightly at 7PM and are more than an hour of fun.

The show pay homage to Maine's logging ancestors with 12 different events including axe throwing, log rolling, log climbing, and more. All with the element of competition and humor. It is popular among tourists, but is really a show for Mainer's.

The show is open for the 2017 season until August 27th. More details on the show can be found here!


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