Tunnels, trap doors, and secrets lie beneath the surface of the historic Queen City. Here's a look at some of the hidden passageways.

The answer is yes! Most are just for just for repairs to underground pipes and wires, but some are just plain creepy! We have heard rumors of tunnels under the Penobscot, EMMC, and even the Bangor jail. Here is what we dug up!

One of the most recent tunnel findings in Bangor was in 2008 when renovations were being done to the Bangor Courthouse. Apparently after doing some digging and removing a concrete floor workers unearthed a tunnel system leading from the historic building. According to a Bangor Daily New article from 2008 it is believed the tunnel system was part of the original courthouse which was built in 1833.

While it was assumed the tunnels were some sort of vent system it is a bit puzzling none of it was depicted on the original blueprints and very little is known about the tunnels.The uncovered tunnels seem to go towards the former YMCA which is just as puzzling.

It is also known there are tunnel like rooms in at least one of the 3 bridges spanning the Penobscot from Bangor to Brewer. Luckily the Bangor Explorers Guild found that for us and took some photos of the inside. We have shared their photos of the bridge tunnel, as well as their photos from the tunnels under the Bangor Waterworks building, in the photo gallery above.

Other areas where there are rumored to be tunnels are:

  • Under Main St. in the downtown area accessible by Columbia St.
  • From the old stone part of Eastern Maine Medical Center into (or under) the Penobscot.
  • From the Brick Church on Union St. to the Bangor House.

Have you know of any secret tunnels in Bangor? Where are they!?

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