You may find yourself catching your breath when you ride over this bad boy!

The Deer Isle Bridge, also known as the Deer Isle–Sedgwick Bridge, is a brightly colored suspension bridge connecting mainland Maine, with Deer Isle. It also has swooping cables for support, which is part of what makes it so unique.

About 5 years ago, I was taking an overnight trip to the Deer Isle-Stonington, for a little rest & relaxation (something I highly recommend) and I was told by a buddy of mine who drove for UPS in that area, to prepare to freak out a little bit when you finally get to the point to cross the bridge. Man, was he right.

The first thing you notice is that it looks like a giant on-ramp when you enter. Then, it is basically like driving up, and then down a hill. Also, for a bridge of that size, it is very narrow. After the first few initial seconds of thinking "What the hell is this?" I relaxed and made it across, but I will say, for a moment or two, your only thought is "Whoa". It is pretty impressive.

The Deer Isle Bridge was dedicated on June 19, 1939, when Maine Governor Lewis O. Barrows cut the ribbon that stretched across the $900,000 project’s entryway. It has a main span of 1,088 feet and crosses the Eggemoggin Reach.

A re-decking project was completed way in May 2008, and it was also repainted in 2010, but recently there have been some discussions about whether or not the bridge is a little out of date.

Who knows what the future holds for the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge, but if you ever find yourself in that area, it is something you should experience!

On social media, there have been plenty of people who took video of the moment they crossed this iconic Maine bridge

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