Because at this point, the only thing we can do between stressing out, eating and trying to sleep, is to laugh. The Holderness Family, like many folks in the US, are trying to do their part to flatten the curve of Covid-19, by staying home. And they are encouraging others to do so, while attempting to entertain themselves, and the rest of us, with some Covid-themed song parodies.

From the importance of hand-washing, the appearance of Zoom meeting as a new source of technology, to tackling the feelings of loneliness brought on by social isolation, and that sense of not even knowing what day it is; the Holderness gang seems to be going through the same things we are. And they're joining in solidarity with the rest of us.

So here's your guilty-pleasure, smile-inducing, online rabbit hole assignment for the day: Check out all these witty parodies and forget your woes for a while!

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