Checking out the new murals in Downtown Bangor, I was sent across the heart of the Queen City to search the walls of buildings. During my adventure of capturing the wheat paste murals new to this season, I came across a mysterious door.

Sarah Nickerson, Townsquare Media Bangor

The door is small and located on a building that houses Novio and apartments on the corner of Hammond Street and a little side road called North High Street

As you can see, it is a mysterious old door that gets the imagination going. Is it an old speak easy entrance into the basement of the building? Is it a door to a secret garden? Is it the entrance to another realm like Narnia?

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It's obviously not large enough for an adult to walk through upright. Perhaps it was an after thought after the building was built. The stone work around it shows some care and planning with a crosshead stone above the little wooden door.

Sarah Nickerson, Townsquare Media Bangor

It's so old and mysterious but is another treasure to find in the old buildings scattered across Bangor and particularly in the Downtown Area.

Is it still used to this day? Does it still serve a purpose or is it there to continue to give people like me a world of wonder, spending time thinking about what could be behind it, what inspired it, when it was created and what it's been in the presence of.

If you find yourself in Downtown Bangor, get yourself a selfie with this little mysterious door and let us know what you think it was for or what might be behind it.

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