If you're just about to graduate and you're not ready to start a nine-to-five desk job, want to live your life a little while taking the next step into adulthood or maybe you're midway through college and need a break from textbooks and get some hands-on-handlebars experience, here's an opportunity you might not want to pass up.

Harley Davidson is looking for interns to travel the nation with the #FindYourFreedom Internship.

It's a 12-week adventure to get you into the depths of integrated marketing.

They'll teach you to ride a true Harley Davidson motorcycle, pay you to see the country and even let you keep the bike!  Sign me up!

You would be creating content that the company will use to sell the sport of motorcycling.  You'd be using popular social media platforms, be creative, make videos and have fun while attending HD events.

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