It's always a great time when the Harlem Globetrotters come to town. Seriously, who hasn't seen them (and had a ton of fun) in Bangor?

On Thursday, "El Gato" Melendez of the Globetrotters came to visit us here at the Z studios to tell us about their upcoming game at the Cross Insurance Center ... and shoot a few hoops with Kid. At the end, you'll even hear El Gato's impression of Chris Popper!

The Globetrotters will appear at the Cross Insurance Center on Thursday, March 30. You can visit the box office for tickets.

On Friday, we gave away VIP experience at the event in which someone's child can be the team’s “ball kid” for the evening. That winner is Richie Cohen of Bucksport!

That sounds like a lot of fun! Congratulations!

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