September 28th, a day we celebrate National Family Day.

We celebrate the thick and the thin, the best and the worst, the love that transcends blood and honors the bonds that bind.

A family can be comprised of two people or even a person and their pet.  A family can have just one mommy or two mommies, one daddy or two dads.  A step-parent, a parent-in-law, and adopted child or any other number of legal entities that all carry a few things in common.

These are units of love, of kindness, of respect, of loyalty.

A family can be a bunch of people who work together.  You share common cause in the work that you do and maybe even have a similar sense of humor and unified compassion for your coworkers.

A family is a bond that is created through trials and tribulations, victories and hope.  A family can live under one roof or be connected by wifi reaching across continents.  A family can have members that are no longer here on earth, member's whose presence is a feeling in your heart.

No matter what kind of family you hold close or who is a distant memory, today is the day to honor and reflect on those that you consider a part of your sacred family unit.

Give an extra hug to those that you love or a word of thanks to those that have been there when you needed them the most.

We thank all of our families out there, our personal family and friends and to our Z Nation Family, and we wish the most for your family's, no matter how they are made up, today on National Family Day and beyond.

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