Is it possible I'm one of the only people who never saw Dodgeball?

I have friends that quote the movie all the time, and say it's one of the funniest movies of all time. And that may be true... But generally, I've never been very sporty, so I guessed I missed the appeal. The last time I distinctly remember playing it in junior high, my glasses fell off my face when I got hit with a ball, and then I immediately stepped on them. So no fond memories over here.

I've often wondered if the game is better or worse as an adult. In some places adult Dodgeball leagues have become quite the phenomenon. Do people have any more respect with their aim? Or do they just go for broke and hurl them as hard as their adult muscles will let them. I feel like the odds of me breaking my glasses again are even higher.

But, you can also play this crazy ball-chucking sport for a cause.

The Hampden Academy Music Association is raising money for a trip that H.A. music students will be taking to New York City in March. Over the years, they've done all sorts of unique stunts to raise funds. Their most famous probably being their annual Flamingo Flockings. You can money to have someone flocked, or pay money to not get flocked at all, hahaha.

When I went to good old H.A. in my youth, we didn't do things that were nearly as fun. We sold cheese spread in plastic tubs, and lame chatchkies out of a trunk from a company called Tom Watt. But hey... that was then, this is now.

If you want to start a team to raise money, do it at the H.A.M.A. website. The tourney begins on November 5th, at 9:00am. They need at least 4 teams to hold the event, and a maximum of ten. So get your goggles ready for some dodgeball for a cause!

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