First day of summer is this Sunday.  Yes, same day as Father’s Day. “Because that’s what Dad wants as a gift?”

And almost as soon as Summer 2021 gets underway, here comes another tradition. Albeit a newer tradition. The Hallmark Television Channel’s ‘Christmas in July’ begins next week, on Friday June 25th and runs through Saturday July 31st.

Just for the record, I’m not really that big on all the events that take place around the ‘real’ Christmas, suffice to say I am not certain where to find the Hallmark Channel on my television set, nor am I much of a fan of Christmas movies, even in December.

Hallmark has announced the debut of a new original holiday movie as part of Christmas in July programming. Here’s the basic plot Woman and her Ex Husband, have remained friends. Ex Husband’s new girlfriend invites the Ex Wife along to their Christmas getaway trip. Then the Ex Wife feels like a 3rd wheel crashing their Christmas. Heard enough?  You know that since it’s a Hallmark Channel original it will end up as ‘the best Christmas ever’.

Also this year they’ll have a Blake Shelton night, Monday June 28. Who knew that Blake Shelton had the skills to be executive producer for 3 Christmas movies.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

If you are a Christmas in July type knock yourself out in front of the T.V., but truth be told I wait all year for Maine outdoors ion July, and that’s where I would rather be.

Oh and happy first day of summer this Sunday, and of course Happy Father’s Day. (Or as we used to call it Farter’s Day.)

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