Kid and Sarah talked about the annoyance of group texts.  You know, the conversations that are texted to several people and that you become notified whenever someone adds to the conversation.

For many it's just a way to stay connected.  For others, it's a nuisance that could haunt you for days, weeks... or until the end of time.

Kid shares that he is irritated by Todd Simcox and DJ Bill Lyon's group text that started during the Morning Show.  Kid explains that he's at work and trying to do *GREAT* radio meanwhile, there is constant pings between Todd and Bill that Kid is trying to ignore while servicing the public with a great morning show.  Additionally, Todd and Bill aren't innocent about the situation and know full well that Kid finds it very annoying to be included in on group texts.


Where do you fit in all this?  Take our poll.

This video is a great example of the annoyance of this modern convenience. Maybe you agree.  What is important about this video is that nobody listens to Zach.

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