Dan Foley of Gorham is now one of just six people left competing for the show’s $1 million prize after the 12th person was voted off last night. 

It's getting down to the bottom as survivors are voted off, now becoming the jury who vote on the ultimate winner at the end. So even if Foley gets voted off next week he will become a jury member.

Things for Foley didn't look so good this week because as it gets down to the end it's every man/ woman for their self and in this case the weakest are the ones who survive. Foley put a target on his back early on proving he could be a good competitor and now it could turn on him.

This season’s episodes began airing Feb. 25 with 18 competitors. Most of the episodes were filmed in Nicaragua over 39 days last August and September. Usually, the location filming ends with three finalists, who then have to wait for the live final episode for a winner to be crowned.

The next episode of “Survivor” will air May 13. The finale will air May 20.

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