Catchiest, or most annoying? You be the judge.

12,000 people in the UK, were part of an experiment that tried to figure out what makes a pop song so memorable and gets stuck in our heads.

The Museum of Science and Industry conducted the study and it revolved around an online game called "Hooked on Music" Participants were asked to identify the "hook" of a song as quickly as possible and here now are the results!

Even though "Wannabe" came out 18 years ago, people were able to identify it in just 2.29 seconds, making it number one on the list.

One hit wonder Lou Bega was number two, with a recognition time of 2.48 seconds.

Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was third, at 2.6 seconds

Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" was fourth, at 2.66 seconds

70's pop group ABBA was with "SOS" at 2.73 seconds

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