This year has been cruddy, for lack of a better word. Worst case scenario people have lost loved ones to this virus or have gotten sick themselves. Best case scenario people are just bored from missing out on social gatherings and fun vacations. No matter how you slice it, 2020 has been a major bummer. Kindness feels more important than ever because you really never know what someone is going through.

Rob Riccitelli is my pal on Facebook. We used to work in radio together but now he's a realtor! Anyways, Rob posted on Facebook about an amazing act of kindness, and it really stuck with me.

Apparently Rob dropped his wallet while he was shopping at Trader Joe's in Portland. Before he even realized it was gone and spiraled into anxiety mode, a kind soul picked it up and drove it to his house. NOW THAT'S SERVICE! (note to self: I need to update my address on my license) Rob tried to offer the dude $10 as a thank you, but the good Samaritan would not accept his money.

The guy who found Rob's wallet did the decent and right thing by returning it. Unfortunately, we know that not all people are decent and this story could have ended very differently.

Since Rob wasn't able to repay this stranger, it's time to pay it forward! He plans to put some good vibes back into the universe.

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