GLOW is down for the count.

Despite the fact that Netflix has previously ordered a fourth season of the pro wrestling comedy series — despite the fact that GLOW Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger — the show will not return to finish out its run on the streaming service. The fourth season, which was originally ordered last summer, was intended to be the final one.

The show’s creators, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, provided the following statement to Deadline:

COVID has killed actual humans. It’s a national tragedy and should be our focus. COVID also apparently took down our show. Netflix has decided not to finish filming the final season of GLOW. We were handed the creative freedom to make a complicated comedy about women and tell their stories. And wrestle. And now that’s gone. There’s a lot of sh*tty things happening in the world that are much bigger than this right now. But it still sucks that we don’t get to see these 15 women in a frame together again.

Netflix’s GLOW was loosely based on the real-life pro wrestling show of the same name that aired in syndication during the 1980s. The first two seasons followed the production of the show-within-a-show of GLOW; in Season 3, the characters moved to Las Vegas, where they turned their wrestling series into a live show in a casino. The final episode had the characters on the verge of reviving the TV version of GLOW but ... now that is not going to happen.

It’s unfortunate that GLOW won’t get to wrap up its story as its creators planned. For three seasons, it was one of Netflix’s very based originals; it deserved a better ending than this. As Flahive and Carly Mensch noted, this is far from the worst thing caused by the pandemic. But it still sucks a lot.

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