Everybody's got cabin fever right now and Mother Nature may be in the mood to comply with some outside temperatures that make observing nature a little more enjoyable!

Bangor Land Trust is offering a series of walking talks at Walden-Parke Preserve to observe and learn more about changes that are happening in this time where warmer winter temperatures slowly rise and we see our flora come back to life in the spring time.

The series includes discussions about journaling, sketching, and citizen science data as a way to record the changes and when, if, and how to start a collection. There'll be time for journals and sharing of favorite discoveries at the end of each walk.

The first meeting will be Saturday, April 13th and will be focused on plants, mammal signs and birds. Meet at the Tamarack Trail kiosk at 10 a.m. and enjoy 2 hours of wildlife conversation.

RSVP by calling 942-1010 or emailing the office info@bangorlandtrust.org


Next nature walk is actually a 'City Nature Challenge' starting April 26th and going until May 5th, where cities worldwide will observe nature around them to find the most species of plants and animals.  Contact Bangor Land Trust for more information and to participate.

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