Robert DeNiro and Michelle Phieffer in the same movie? And Bobby D. is playing a mob guy again? Sign me up!

Here are the showtimes and trailers for everytyhing playing. Be sure to tune in weekday mornings at 8:10 for the "Impossible Question" to win tickets to Bangor Mall Cinemas!

The Family (R)1:45/4:15/7:15/9:45

Insidious:Chapter 2 (PG-13)12:45/3:00/5:20/7:40/10:00 12:30/3:25/6:20/9:10

The Way, Way Back (PG-13) 1:10/3:40/6:45/9:15

Riddick (R) 1:20/4:00/7:00/9:40

Blue Jasmine (PG-13) 12:40/3:10/6:30/8:45

Elysium (R) 1:30/4:10/6:50/9:25

We're The Millers (R) 1:50/4:30/7:30/9:50

Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters (PG) 1:00/3:00/6:40/9:00