There is nothing like a good ol' hometown festival in Maine and it looks like Guilford will be bringing its hometown festival back after canceling it last year due to the pandemic. After some time off, it will surely be better than ever and highly anticipated this year!

The 2022 Piscataquis River Festival is back!

The Piscataquis River Festival is an annual festival for the town of Guilford. This year the festivities will be held at the Guildford athletic fields on July 30th. You can expect a parade, lots of food, live music, crafts, games, and a great display of fireworks.

Attending the event is free for everyone.

A hometown festival for the Highlands community

The theme for this year's Piscataquis Riverfest is 'Pascataquis... the way life IS'. This theme is used to highlight how people live in the area and the fun things that they do via recreation and way of life.

Last year, the 2021 Piscataquis River Festival was canceled due to the strict policies needed by the state in order for the event to carry on during the pandemic. The decision was made well in advance but was still met with disappointment from the community and the organization's committee, as well.

PIscataquis River Festival's parade for everyone

The parade will begin at 9:30 AM and, for those wanting to be in the parade, no registration is required. To participate in the parade you just need to show up at 8:30 AM to line up.

Check out the Piscataquis River Festival's Facebook page to stay in the loop of what's happening at this year's returning event.

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