Officials say a man's body found in the river in Orrington today is believed to be a boater who went missing in April.

Maine Marine Patrol Officers and Penobscot County Sheriff's Deputies recovered the body just before 1:00 Sunday afternoon from the Penobscot River . A driver's license recovered with the body tentatively identified the man as Levi Kelly, 28, of Bucksport. Officials say a recreational boater spotted the man's body in the water near the Orrington public boat launch and reported it to authorities.

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Kelly went missing in early April, when he and his wife, Loren Wadas-Kelly, 39, of Bucksport went on the river in a canoe. Loren's body was found at low tide on April 3rd on the shore of the Penobscot River, about a quarter-mile below the Orrington boat launch. Their canoe was found on shore in Bucksport the following day. An exhaustive search by air, land, and water was conducted for several days, but no sign of Levi was found until his body was discovered on Sunday.

Officials say there was no sign that either victim was using a life jacket.

The man's body will be transported to the Chief Medical Examiner's Office in Augusta for confirmation of his identity.

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