We've heard the tag line in their commercial for years, but now, thanks to Saucony shoes, you can actually put Dunkin's on your feet and run on them. Formerly based out of Bangor, the Boston-based Saucony Shoe company has released these amazing shoes. If they've integrated technology into these shoes that actually pumps caffeine into your body via your feet, they will undoubtedly change the world.

When I graduated from high school, I worked at Saucony when it used to be located where Beal College is now on Farm Road in Bangor. It was a big time for the company. They had just released their most popular shoe to date at the time, and business was through the roof. I didn't stick around long enough to know why they ultimately moved operations to Boston.

And when we were kids, how many of us got our new school sneaks at the factory outlet store? I think every pair from 6th grade on came out of there.

But they have definitely outdone themselves on these beauties. I mean, have you ever in all your life, looked down at your feet and actually had them make you hungry? And not in a toddler stick-your-feet-in-your-mouth kinda way?! If I wore these, I'd have to constantly remind myself that my shoes are not a drive-thru that I can give my order to.

A proper description from Delish.com explains it best.

The black and white sneakers have a Dunkin'-meets-Homer-Simpson vibe, with pink-frosted donuts on the heels and sprinkles speckling the back of each shoe. Dunkin's DD logo is prominently displayed on the tongues, and the soles are splashed with a print of a cup of coffee — iced and hot, so both preferences are represented. There was no phoning it in on Saucony's part: "Boston" is written on the side of the shoe in the Dunkin' font, and a tiny reflective strip on the heel reads "America runs on Dunkin'," turning the slogan into its own play on words.


Credit: Saucony
Credit: Saucony

The inspiration for the shoe wasn't hard to come by. Saucony is located in Boston, the heart of DunkinVille, no brainer there. Also, running website Strava's #1 food search was coffee, and not far behind at #6, was donuts. So it was pretty much a match made in heaven.  Even the box is designed to look like a dozen donuts. No details were missed.

And I gotta say, these things are waaaaaay more slick than those lobster shoes I wrote about a few weeks ago. Those were just hideous atrocities of nature that couldn't have represented Maine less. Granted, these represent all of New England, but like most things from New England, all the Northeastern states will claim these majestic getaway slippers as their own.

Also, according to the Delish.com article, Boston Marathon runner Tim Ritchie once counted the number of DD's on the marathon route. There were 18 of them. 18!!! No wonder runners dream of coffee and donuts. Maybe that's why most started running in the first place. So they had a reliable way to work off the thousands of calories in carbs they just took in from a large iced with cream and sugar, with 25 munchkins.

This morning, there was totally a link to buy these, and then just two hours later, it was gone. I called customer service to get to the bottom of it. As I was told by the friendly gentleman on the phone, there was a massive run on their inventory, and they had to pull it from the site temporarily while they  catch back up. There are some sites that will have a limited supply soon. We'll let you know the when's and where's.

When I was able to see the link to purchase, they were listed at a measly $110 a pair. Not a steep price in the interest of keeping your feet happy. But me? I'm just gonna go spend the $110 on donuts instead.




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