Time for a new tattoo?  Like animals?  Then, this is the fundraiser for you, my friend!

Diversified Ink is hosting a fundraiser for the Bangor Humane Society and, if you want a tattoo to honor your furry friends, then this is the day to get it!

No need to make an appointment!  Walk in and get your new tattoo for $50.  Every dollar made tomorrow will go to the Bangor Humane Society.  The artists will be working efficiently to get in as many donations as they can for the day, so you might be able to add a new artist to your body of work (unintentional pun).

There will be a few designs for you to choose from.  Additionally, a few stipulations to unsure they can get as many donations through their doors as possible from their Facebook event page:

Tattoo designs will be black line drawing style with one accent color if desired ( i.e. hearts and noses.) There will be NO full color tattoos and actual sizes will be a little smaller than on the sheet.

Don't forget to bring a can or bag of pet food because the event is also featuring a pet food drive as well!

If you take advantage of this fundraiser, post your pictures so we can see your new ink!

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