It's no secret the world was not impressed with last night's Game Of Thrones Series Finale. It was, in a word, lame.

We expected more from a show that hooked us with great writing, strong characters and amazing cinematography. The finale failed to honor any of what we loved about this series. And, if I'm being honest, it seemed rushed and contrite. It all felt like it was one giant set up for the spin-offs HBO hinted earlier in the month, were in the works. And while they have not named which characters those spin-offs would be about, anyone watching last night left with a pretty good idea.

The problem with this is that the show sacrificed content and keeping true to it's story, for the sake of these spin-offs.

Most people wanted to see one of the Stark kids take the throne. The majority, I'm betting, wanted to see John as the King. But the network big-wigs didn't see a King in John's character, which was set up beautifully in the story to be the rightful heir. Instead they saw golden dollar signs! So they couldn't let him have the throne. As we saw from the finale, John returned to The Wall, to find Tormund and the other Wildlings there, and then rode off with them and Ghost (only great moment of the show was that reunion!) north of The Wall, to perhaps lead them as their king? Spin-off theory #1.

Then we have Arya, who arguably with the biggest bad-ass surprise in the show, defeated the Night King, would have been another fan-favorite to end up the winner of the Game. Instead, she sails off to the end of the world to explore. Spin-off theory #2.

And Sansa, who was kind of the best ruler of them all to date, showing both smarts and tenacity in many of her decisions, and who kept the needs of her people at the front of her mind with every move she made...well, she ended up the Queen, but only of the North. What's that going to look like? Spin-off theory #3.

Instead of giving it to one of those characters, who's popularity I am betting they wanted to capitalize on, they gave the title of King (because the dragon torched the actual throne, which the only other cool part of the show last night!) they gave the prize to Bran! Bran? WT....? Seriously!? He already had a cool super-power. He didn't need the throne. And how the heck can someone who is no longer himself (by his own admission) but the collective memory of all, rule everyone? He already knows all the answers. This is as boring a job for him as it was a decision for us!

In my opinion, Game of Thrones show-runners Benioff and Weiss, should have taken a page from the writers of Avengers: Endgame, or Big Bang theory or even Breaking Bad...those were series finales which got it right. They nicely wrapped up, with appropriate gusto, the story arcs of it's beloved characters, while still leaving the door open for spin-offs. They did the story justice. They honored our commitment to the characters.

If only HBO had done this.

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