I'm so tired but here are some thoughts about the ending of one of the greatest shows that has ever existed for mankind, Game of Thrones.

After eight seasons of death, treachery, wars, dragons and watching the world of Westeros rise and fall, the end has come.

And has come to an end much like the following:

The last episode was like nearly reaching orgasm but getting a Charlie horse.

Or, smelling your mom cook a roasted chicken for hours then being handed a bologna sandwich at dinner time.

Here's a great example of how I feel about watching the final episode of GoT:

The episode reached some final story arcs that were anticipated, including Daenerys' death and Sansa becoming Queen of the North.

I was hoping for Jon Snow to not take the throne (yes!) and liked that the throne was melted by Drogon so that nobody could take it in the end (ain't nobody taking it if Dany can't have it).


But, the elephant in the room:  Bran.

Like, Bran.

Like, the Bran we know?  That Bran?

Yep, that Bran.
Probably a safe bet but, no one's number one...

Many similes come to mind when I think about Bran ruling Westeros, like...
... the Joe Biden of Westeros, probably a safe bet, seems like a nice guy but we'd pick him because the other choices just didn't provide us with enough inspiration.

... or your sixth favorite day of the week, not the worst day but, definitely not in your top 5.

... or, the bran muffin of muffins, you don't choose to eat a muffin to eat a Bran muffin.  Eating a bran muffin is a way to deny yourself what you ultimately want while pretending it's satisfactory.  It's not.

... or, finding an old chapstick: it's good in a pinch but there's still too much mystery of it's history of unknown whereabouts to really feel safe about utilizing it for such an important purpose.

I'm disappointed and the execution of the whole last episode just dragged on to make you feel like there was a build up.  Ultimately, it ended up feeling a bit like this:

I think I'll leave the final words to our very own Cori:

Screenshot Facebook Cori Skall
Screenshot Facebook Cori Skall


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