Bee Truck in Brewer

Despite my own unease at riding behind a truck filled with bees, their arrival in Maine is good news.

It's the stuff of nightmares for me. I've always been freaked out by bees, wasps and hornets. People always asks if it's because I'm allergic, but the fact is that I have no sensitivity to bee stings. It's just always been something that freaks me out, which resulted in my being stung frequently as a kid, because I'd have fits when I saw them.

Once I became an adult, and especially a mother, I had to learn to curb my panic and just deal with the flying, stinging things. I have it under control. Really. But driving behind a truck full of hives, with bees flying inside and outside the netting was just unsettling.

I mean, imagine getting into an accident with this guy. According to the BDN, it actually happened in Delaware in 2014, when a truck carrying honeybees to Maine got into a wreck. I get chills down my spine just thinking about it.

But, despite my own phobias, the bees' arrival in Maine means spring is here. This is actually the second shipment to our state. The bees are kept warm in Florida in winter, but brought back to help pollinate Maine's wild blueberries, among other crops.

So, I'm happy to see them arrive. But forgive me if I pull off the road and give this guy some room. Better safe than stung.

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