Another "Free The Z" is in the books and it was one of my favorites for lots of reasons and I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone invovled and should I forget anyone, please accept my apology. My brain is a little fried from being out in that nasty wind all week.

Let me start with everyone here at the Z and Townsquare that were crucial to the success of the whole operation.

Sabrina and Emilie were the first ones there early in the morning and the last ones to leave at night, Simply put, I could not have done it without them.

In the studio, Rachel held down the fort in the studio during the morning show portion of the day and Paul Wolfe and Chuck Foster took the rest of the day and they put up with my constant whining.

Also, kudos to Dan, Chris, Fred, Nelson, Margo, Josh, Katie, Lisa, Jess and the rest of the Townsquare gang.

There are several places of business that donated services that made our stay in the Brewer Hannaford much more tolerable.

    • Manna-Mark Rae was the man! If I needed gas for our generator, or help with anything, Mark was there in a flash. Bill was one of the first to check on me out in the cold each early morning...Thank you for everything Bill!
    • Troy at General Rental gave us the most awesome tent that kept us dry and warm and had windows, a front door and strong study support from those nasty 30 mph winds.
    • Wallace Tent and Party Supplies for the amazing heater that kept us toasty warm in the tent.
    • Darling's-for the use of the photo booth. Just wait till you see all those photos from people who donated and the goofy ones from us here at the Z.
    •  Harvey RV-An incredible "Sportsmen" was my home on wheels in the parking lot.
    • CMD Generator for that powerful piece of equipment that kept us on the air!
    • The Penobscot Pour House and Dj Ed Mc Curdy for throwing a big karaoke and dance party to wrap up Free The Z 2013!
    • Our media friends at WABI TV-5 and WVII/Fox 22!
    • And our main event sponsors-Supercuts and Walgreen's

And finally, to every man, woman and child and every business that stopped by and took the time to make a donation, whether it was one dollar, or one thousand, we thank you for each and every one! Thanks to all of you who donated online, too! We're going to keep that page up over the weekend so if you didn't get a chance to give, but would still like to, you can here.

Here is a sneak preview of some shots from the Darling's Photo Booth

And finally, here is my awful karaoke jam from last night's wrap up party with DJ Ed Mc Curdy and a Flash Mob that features our own Breezy!!