14 days to go!

As I sit here at work on the Acme Road this morning watching the snow fall, I'm wondering what the weather will look like when we begin the turkey drive. We have had it all! Heavy rain that washed into our tent, gusty winds that knocked our tent OVER, 30 below wind chills, snow showers, sunny, humid days, there isn't much that Mother Nature hasn't thrown our way. This however, is 2020, so whatever happens, we ar ready to crank things up once again!

Two weeks from today, we need your help with Free The Z 2020. This is the time of year where the need in the community gets even bigger with the holiday season looming around the corner, and of course with the COVID-19 pandemic, and increasing restricitons on indoor events, things are starting to get serious again reguarding this pandemic. We really need Z-107.3 listeners to step up and do all you can to make this a great Thanksgiving for people in our area.

Back in 2000, our afternoon host, Cori was the very first person to move into the Brewer Hannaford parking lot to collect birds. Since then, it's pretty much been yours truly, with Dan Cashman bunking up with me for two different Free The Z years. That however isn't counting all the station employees, businesses and other folks who have all pitched into make this yearly event an important part of our community.

With help from our friends at Penquis CAP, once again, we will set up camp in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot, starting Tuesday, November 17th, at 6am, and we will not leave until we reach our goal of 2020 turkeys, and something as simple as a $10 bill, or one turkey can make a big difference! Give whatever you can afford, it all goes to help families and folks right here.

Big thanks to our sponsors, Harvey RV, All Points Insurance, Beal College, and Cyr Bus Lines.

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