We give a hearfelt thank you, 3,557 times!

We were figuring 2020 was going to be a rough year for turkey giving, considering the financial toll of the coronavirus on our community and across the world.  Despite our concerns, however, you guys have shown us the true spirit of compassion in our community in the face of adversity.

Our 20th Annual Free The Z Turkey Drive tunred out to be one of our biggest ever. Over the course of 60 hours, 3,557 turkeys were donated to Penquis Cap, who will distribute them to food cupbaords right here in our area. Thanks to all of you, thousands of people in our community wil have a great Thanksgiving.

There are so many people to thank, and if we forget anyone, please accept our apology. It was a long three days! First of all, the staff at Penquis CAP is truly amazing. Renee has got it goin' on, and she and all her crew worked so hard. They are the ture heros of this effort. The Townsquare team..what can I say!
Kathy, Dustin, Katie, Josh, Dan from the sales end, thank you so much. On the radio tip, Sarah, Cori, our old friend, Paul Wolfe, and just straight up old. Chris Popper. You were all outstanding, and really helped me get all of this out over the air in a somewhat coherent fashion.

Also, I would like to thank all the sponsors! The people who donated the trailer, propane, tent, porta-potty, message board, generator, the truck that kept the turkeys frozen. We could not make this work without you!

Finally, to all the people who donated to the cause. The businesses, the school kids, the regular folks who were just out doing their shopping and were nice enought to stop by. From all of us here at Z-107.3, thank you so very much. You were an inspiration in an otherwise very difficult year.



Free the Z Turkey Drive 2020


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