Do you realize how many things you throw away that can be recycled?  Maybe it's just inconvenient for you to recycle or you are put off by paying money to recycle.

While these reasons may be an honest truth to the trouble with recycling there may be an easy, free way to get some guilt out of your soul.

TerraCycle is the answer we've been looking for to recycle things that you didn't know you could recycle for free, and sometimes not for free.  Either way it's a resource to see what can be recycled but also do it without having to venture too far, just the mail box. is an online resource that lists what can be recycled by mailing in or providing drop off locations.  Click on a product or item and it will give you more details about what your next steps are, which could be as easy as putting in a mailing address to receive a shipping container to send your trash to be recycled.

Maine Companies included in the Terra cycle recycling program include Burt's Bees and Tom's of Maine.

Below is a list of some of the free recycling programs with TerraCycle and include a lot of brand name items that we use everyday and throw out on occasion, including Vans shoes and Hasbro toys.

Food Packaging

Health & Beauty





Check out for all items you can recycle through their programs including cost included ways to recycle things that you didn't know you could recycle.  Good job trying to clean up our world!


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