Spring has officially arrived, and the hope is we can all put our winter exhaustion in the rearview. For snow haters, the last "major" snowstorm ended up being a dud, lightly coating many of the towns and cities in Maine with a few inches of wet snow following by rain. But if you hoped that would be the last of the snowstorms, you may want to pump the brakes. Despite the calendar showing spring, the forecast models are showing snow this weekend.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the EURO forecast model continues to show piles of snow for all of Maine this weekend. The snow could be especially heavy in northern and central Maine, where the EURO is promising 10-14 inches for most towns and communities.


The GFS model isn't far off from the EURO either. That model is also predicting plenty of snow for Maine this weekend, with snowfall totals slightly less ominous than its forecasting rival.

But as LaRoche mentioned in his Twitter caption, there's a large "maybe" attached to this storm, and any predicted storm from this point forward. The atmospheric conditions will have to play ball with any storm for it to drop piles of snow in the spring. It's not uncommon, as Maine has seen its fair share of late-March and April snowstorms of significance.

There is almost certainly going to be some sort of storm this weekend in Maine. Whether that's rain or one last powerhouse for the mountains will be decided later in the week.


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